Feel-good lights.

Feel-good lights adapt to your needs!

Feel-good lights recreate daylight indoors and provide a natural light. This has been scientifically proven to be necessary for our health and well-being. As an added advantage, you can easily command the lights by voice or with a timer from the comfort of your armchair.

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We now know that we need daylight to maintain optimal health, body rhythms, and happiness levels. In our modern daily lives, we are often forced to spend most of our time indoors.  Consequently, we are rarely exposed to the hours daylight we need to stay healthy. With Feel-good lights, your well-being is improved both before and after work, particularly during the winter months. The realKNX system mimics natural light by varying the light in colour and intensity throughout the day. As a result, this natural light flow gives you improved sleep quality.  Subsequently,  you sleep better, hence boost your immune system and reduce your risk for seasonal depression.

When you wake up in the morning, the blue tone light simulating an April dawn will make you feel awake and ready to start your day. The cooler light in the morning makes you feel more focused by increasing your cortisol level and reducing your melatonin level.

In the evening, the lights will change to reddish tones.  This helps you wind down from your busy day. These warm tones increase your melatonin level and reduce cortisol. This change will send you off into a restful sleep when you go to bed.

The feel-good lights can even help with housework. Just say “turn on living room ceiling”, or “turn on bedroom ceiling”, as you move through the house, thus leaving your hands free for the important task of cleaning.

Relax in the evening with the Cosy scene. Just say ‘turn on Cosy’ to play your “cosy playlist” from services like Spotify, or to tune into your favourite radio station. This command will also turn on warm ambient lighting, and increase the room temperature by 2 degrees for three hours.

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