Just say ‘I’m home’

Just say ‘I’m home’.

Do you prefer Snips, Google, Alexa, or Siri?

When you choose realKNX Air, you are not limited to one voice-control system. Most importantly, realKNX Air with Snips runs on the device so you will know that anything you say at home, stays at home!

You can integrate your realKNX Smart Home System with any of the three most popular cloud based voice control systems on the market:

–  Google Assistant with Google Home Smart Home speakers or Android/iOS mobile phones.
–  Amazon Alexa with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.
–  Apple Siri with iOS, and soon Apple HomePod Smart Home speakers.

Set up the system to suit your preferences. You can mix and match voice control systems, enlarge the speaker network, modify or replace components. The choices are varied, therefore you can personalize the system to fit your desires.

Of course, we will do our uttermost to keep your realKNX up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies!

Smart Home speakers for Snips, Alexa, Google and Siri (not included)

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