Meet Aragon!

Meet Aragon!

What’s said at home stays at home


Aragon is the first voice control system for Home Automation that works without the need for an Internet connection. The Voice recognition runs entirely on the device – nothing is transmitted or recorded.

Your Privacy is guaranteed.

Offline Voice Control. Your privacy is guaranteed.

We’re home v2

We’re home!

Home automation has been developed to simplify our daily lives. Consequently, with a home automation system you can enjoy an increased comfort level, and will save a large amount of energy. Until recently, device control was limited to light switches, or to apps and tablets. However, this is not the most optimal solution for every situation in the home environment. Voice Control offers a superior, and far more convenient solution.


Aragon is here to simplify Home Automation in a safe and reliable manner. Voice Control is the most natural way to interact with a Smart Home.  Particularly, the advantage that Aragon has over other home automation systems is that you do not have to give up your Privacy.  Above all, Aragon is Private-by-Design.


Your home obeys your voice and the assistant helps you handle your everyday tasks. Most importantly, it keeps your hands (virus) free.

Automation the easy way with Node-RED - no programming skills required.

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You come home from holidays. Usually, you need to take time to walk around the whole house, turning on the lights and opening the shutters. Instead, you can simply talk to Aragon. Just say, “Hey Snips, I’m home.” The lights will turn on and the shutters will open automatically, saving you a job.


You are in bed and realize that you have forgotten to turn off the lights in the living room. Instead of having to summon the energy to get up again, you can simply say, “Hey Snips, turn off the lights in the living room” from the comfort of your bed.

Private by Design v2

Private by Design

What’s said at home stays at home.


Online voice assistants are revolutionary.  They make our daily lives much easier.  However, we are all concerned about the privacy issues being compromised with the use of cloud-based assistants.  We have also all discovered that owning an online assistant makes us very dependent on maintaining a working Internet connection. The complexity of setting up an account just to use the cloud-based service, or to install special applications in order to use the device makes owning an online assistant daunting for the average customer.


At ProKNX, we have decided to take another path to help you, the user.  With you in mind, we have developed an offline voice control system for Home Automation that runs purely on the device.  We have made sure that the focus of our design is Privacy and Robustness. Since Aragon works offline, no data is stored; no data is transmitted to the cloud. Your privacy is guaranteed.


In summary, you enjoy many advantages from our offline approach. As a result, no automatic and silent updates will impact your installation. You decide, when, and if you want to update.


Why choose an Offline Smart Assistant?

Offline Voice Control. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Office v2

Aragon for Office

What’s said at work, stays at work


Aragon automation is here to simplify life, increase comfort, and save energy. Until recently, appliance control was limited to needing to physically use switches, or apps and tablets to activate devices. This is generally not the most optimal solution for streamlining actions needed to create the right environment. Being able to use touchless Voice Control is often a better and far more convenient way to manipulate your surroundings and create the perfect ambiance. 


With only one voice command you can effortlessly change the brightness of your lighting, or make sure that you are saving energy by turning off all the lights . When you walk out the door, one command does everything for you. Most importantly, it keeps your hands (virus) free.  For the office environment, Aragon units are already available.  The specialized solution of Aragon for Office is under development, and will be able to be deployed in the near future.


Powerful and discreet v2

Powerful and Discreet

There are thousands of alternative ways to give a command. To make your life less complicated, Aragon understands a large variety of vocabulary. It can initiate a single action when spoken to in many different ways.  It does the work for you so that you do not have to use a narrow range of words to turn on the lights, or open the curtains.  We firmly believe that our home automation system is stronger than those based in the cloud. Above all, we offer the possibility of customization, which sets us apart from the crowd.


Aragon is discreet because it is offline.  In addition, Aragon has been designed to be invisible in a room. In fact, Aragon is perfectly adapted to the design of your switches, as it measures a mere 55×55 mm.

Automation the easy way with Node-RED - no programming skills required.
Automation UI
Advanced users can add their own User Interface in the Node-RED Dashboard.
Chat with you Home
Encrypted and safe remote control of your Home with Snips & Telegram.
The HTML Dashboard is automatically generated but is highly customizable too,
You can use the scheduler to preset when • the heating mode should changes comfort/night • to activate scenes • to on/off lights and
Data logging with graphical presentation. It is truly Plug & Play, no configuration it just works.
Offline Voice Control. Your privacy is guaranteed.
SONOS is integrated in the KNX installation so you turn on/off speakers when you leave/come home.
Augmented Reality
Control your KNX installation from mobile phone camera!


Time is money v2

Time is money

Plug-and-Play Installation

Installing Aragon with one of the Plug-and-Play Gateways could not be easier. It only takes five minutes, and requires no special knowledge. The only step needed is to connect the power and the network cable. After just a few minutes your system will be up and running and ready to use. Everything is configured automatically. In short, you will not waste your valuable time on having to configure the system, nor will you have to create online cloud accounts, or install applications and skills.

It is as simple as that!

The HTML Dashboard is automatically generated but is highly customizable too,


Energy savings v2

Energy savings

One of the main advantages of home automation is the reduction of energy costs. With Aragon, it becomes even easier. With only one voice command you can effortlessly adjust the thermostat, and make sure all the lights are turned off.  When you walk out the door, one command does everything for you.


Easily check your consumption even when you are away, with the energy chart.


By choosing an offline system you are not only saving energy costs, but also reducing your carbon footprint. In one year, an Echo Dot produces the equivalent of 15.9 kg of CO2 in a year,  due to the energy it needs to interact with the cloud.

Data logging with graphical presentation. It is truly Plug & Play, no configuration it just works.


Smart Family Living v2

Smart Family Living – AAL

Help system for seniors and disabled people

Home automation has been proven to be very beneficial for people who are beginning to lose their autonomy.  With this in mind, we are convinced that with voice control and Aragon, we can go even further and allow people to gain back their independence. Consequently, with the aide of a voice-controlled home help system, everyday tasks become easier and require far less effort. By simply saying a short sentence aloud, such as “I’m awake”, Aragon will connect to a pre-programmed integration device, starting up a holistic scene by opening the curtains or shutters, and if needed, turning on the lights and turning up the heating. We want to extend the time that people can stay comfortably in the familiar environment of their homes.

Comfort is necessary to increase the quality of life, however, we understand that the biggest concern is safety. Thanks to Aragon, a nominated person outside the home can be contacted on their mobile phone as soon as an unusual event occurs. For instance, conspicuously long stays in a room,  e.g. the bathroom, are registered. The solo person is asked to confirm that he or she has no problem. If there is no confirmation in a set amount of time, a message is automatically sent to the named carer.

A help call can also be triggered verbally in case of a problem.


Why an Offline Assistant for senior-focused living is a good choice


More information

Monitoring and voice functions


Monitoring is supported by presence detectors that provide information on the duration of stay and absence in a room. As soon as an unusual situation is detected, the system sends a message to the telephone of the named carer.


Monitoring functions are offered:

  • Abnormal inactivity: when a programmed threshold time is exceeded
  • Late rising time: if the person does not wake up before a nominated time
  • Longer stay in the bathroom: longer than a specified duration
  • Unusual time to leave the apartment
  • Unusual time to come home
  • Long absence: when the duration is longer than a specified time


A sample of available voice functions:

  • Voice control of all functions for lights, shutters, scenes, and optionally, also media devices
  • Calls for help to nominated telephone numbers
  • Voice announcements from outside the home to the resident
  • Automated voice announcements to ask the resident to acknowledge a recognized problem situation
  • Voice announcements to act as a doorbell amplification

The classic help call can be triggered with the words “I need help”.  In this case a message is sent to the telephone of a nominated carer, to which he or she can then respond. The answer is again spoken over the loudspeaker of Aragon.

Please contact me for my AAL project

Online and Offline v2

Mix offline with online

In addition to these offline solutions, we also offer the possibility to mix offline and online assistants. In this case, realKNX Air Server is required instead of Aragon Base.


With this solution you do not have to choose. In brief, with realKNX Air, makes your system extremely flexible and personalized. It functions seamlessly with all the well-known cloud-based assistants, and of course, Aragon Satellite.



Example of installation


Tailor your home Voice set-up to fit your needs, thanks to the compatibility of realKNX Air with all voice assistants on the market. Mix and match any assistant you desire with realKNX Air to suit your requirements . For example, use an Alexa, or a Google home in the kitchen to call up recipes and baking tips, or to answer those knotty homework questions your children throw at you. However, in the bedrooms and home-office, where you want your privacy to be assured, install Aragon Satellites. All this is easily achieved by using the realKNX Air Server.

Aragon Satellite
Hey Snips, it's too dark in here
Hey Snips, what time is it?
Google Home
"Ok Google, turn on lights in the kitchen"
"Ok Google, set ceiling to 50% in bedroom?"
Amazon Alexa
"Alexa, set temperature to 21 degrees in the living room"
Apple Siri
\\"Siri, turn on ceiling in bedroom\\"
\\"Siri, what\\'s the temperature in the kitchen\\"
realKNX Air Server
Allows you to combine voice assistants. Works with proServ, Jung SVS and more!


The Techy Stuff v2

The Techy Stuff

Aragon is compatible with all KNX IP Gateways.

The Gateways can be divided into two groups:


The Plug-and-Play, all-Automatic group :

Jung SVS, Eisbaer, RTI/proServ and proServ. If you have one of these gateways, the installation is extremely simple : Plug-and-Play.


We’re committed to adding more Gateways to the Plug-and-play, all-Automatic group of Gateways.  For more information please email us at


The all-Compatible group:

Aragon talks to any KNX Gateway. It only requires a simple manual configuration.



Aragon can be either flush mounted or surface mounted.

Aragon flush mounted
Aragon surface-mounted
(Surface-mount box is an accessory, not included in standard package)