Office v2

Aragon for Office

What’s said at work, stays at work


Aragon automation is here to simplify life, increase comfort, and save energy. Until recently, appliance control was limited to needing to physically use switches, or apps and tablets to activate devices. This is generally not the most optimal solution for streamlining actions needed to create the right environment. Being able to use touchless Voice Control is often a better and far more convenient way to manipulate your surroundings and create the perfect ambiance. 


With only one voice command you can effortlessly change the brightness of your lighting, or make sure that you are saving energy by turning off all the lights . When you walk out the door, one command does everything for you. Most importantly, it keeps your hands (virus) free.  For the office environment, Aragon units are already available.  The specialized solution of Aragon for Office is under development, and will be able to be deployed in the near future.