Online and Offline v2

Mix offline with online

In addition to these offline solutions, we also offer the possibility to mix offline and online assistants. In this case, realKNX Air Server is required instead of Aragon Base.


With this solution you do not have to choose. In brief, with realKNX Air, makes your system extremely flexible and personalized. It functions seamlessly with all the well-known cloud-based assistants, and of course, Aragon Satellite.



Example of installation


Tailor your home Voice set-up to fit your needs, thanks to the compatibility of realKNX Air with all voice assistants on the market. Mix and match any assistant you desire with realKNX Air to suit your requirements . For example, use an Alexa, or a Google home in the kitchen to call up recipes and baking tips, or to answer those knotty homework questions your children throw at you. However, in the bedrooms and home-office, where you want your privacy to be assured, install Aragon Satellites. All this is easily achieved by using the realKNX Air Server.

Aragon Satellite
Hey Snips, it's too dark in here
Hey Snips, what time is it?
Google Home
"Ok Google, turn on lights in the kitchen"
"Ok Google, set ceiling to 50% in bedroom?"
Amazon Alexa
"Alexa, set temperature to 21 degrees in the living room"
Apple Siri
\\"Siri, turn on ceiling in bedroom\\"
\\"Siri, what\\'s the temperature in the kitchen\\"
realKNX Air Server
Allows you to combine voice assistants. Works with proServ, Jung SVS and more!