Powerful and discreet v2

Powerful and Discreet

There are thousands of alternative ways to give a command. To make your life less complicated, Aragon understands a large variety of vocabulary. It can initiate a single action when spoken to in many different ways.  It does the work for you so that you do not have to use a narrow range of words to turn on the lights, or open the curtains.  We firmly believe that our home automation system is stronger than those based in the cloud. Above all, we offer the possibility of customization, which sets us apart from the crowd.


Aragon is discreet because it is offline.  In addition, Aragon has been designed to be invisible in a room. In fact, Aragon is perfectly adapted to the design of your switches, as it measures a mere 55×55 mm.

Automation the easy way with Node-RED - no programming skills required.
Automation UI
Advanced users can add their own User Interface in the Node-RED Dashboard.
Chat with you Home
Encrypted and safe remote control of your Home with Snips & Telegram.
The HTML Dashboard is automatically generated but is highly customizable too,
You can use the scheduler to preset when • the heating mode should changes comfort/night • to activate scenes • to on/off lights and
Data logging with graphical presentation. It is truly Plug & Play, no configuration it just works.
Offline Voice Control. Your privacy is guaranteed.
SONOS is integrated in the KNX installation so you turn on/off speakers when you leave/come home.
Augmented Reality
Control your KNX installation from mobile phone camera!