Private by Design v2

Private by Design

What’s said at home stays at home.


Online voice assistants are revolutionary.  They make our daily lives much easier.  However, we are all concerned about the privacy issues being compromised with the use of cloud-based assistants.  We have also all discovered that owning an online assistant makes us very dependent on maintaining a working Internet connection. The complexity of setting up an account just to use the cloud-based service, or to install special applications in order to use the device makes owning an online assistant daunting for the average customer.


At ProKNX, we have decided to take another path to help you, the user.  With you in mind, we have developed an offline voice control system for Home Automation that runs purely on the device.  We have made sure that the focus of our design is Privacy and Robustness. Since Aragon works offline, no data is stored; no data is transmitted to the cloud. Your privacy is guaranteed.


In summary, you enjoy many advantages from our offline approach. As a result, no automatic and silent updates will impact your installation. You decide, when, and if you want to update.


Why choose an Offline Smart Assistant?

Offline Voice Control. Your privacy is guaranteed.