Save Energy.

Save Energy

Saving energy is important to lower your monthly expenditure. Being able to automatically adjust the temperature in your home, whether you are at home or away, facilitates your energy savings.   Save energy using realKNX! realKNX helps you to control your energy usage, and keeps money in your pocket.


For instance, on a normal weekday as you head home, realKNX will set the living room temperature to 22 degrees, and the bedroom temperature to 19 degrees. If you are away for the weekend, there no need to change the heating setting.  Just tell realKNX.  realKNX will set your house temperature to 16 degrees so that you can save energy.


Working from home or having a sick day ? Activate the sick day special heating mode so that it will stay on during the day and warm your house.


From time to time you want to check your energy consumption. Easily done with realKNX! Just bring up the energy charts to follow your consumption per device, and per room, over time. See your energy consumption in kwh or Euros.

Create alarms and notifications if the energy consumption increases over a certain level.


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