Smart Family Living v2

Smart Family Living – AAL

Help system for seniors and disabled people

Home automation has been proven to be very beneficial for people who are beginning to lose their autonomy.  With this in mind, we are convinced that with voice control and Aragon, we can go even further and allow people to gain back their independence. Consequently, with the aide of a voice-controlled home help system, everyday tasks become easier and require far less effort. By simply saying a short sentence aloud, such as “I’m awake”, Aragon will connect to a pre-programmed integration device, starting up a holistic scene by opening the curtains or shutters, and if needed, turning on the lights and turning up the heating. We want to extend the time that people can stay comfortably in the familiar environment of their homes.

Comfort is necessary to increase the quality of life, however, we understand that the biggest concern is safety. Thanks to Aragon, a nominated person outside the home can be contacted on their mobile phone as soon as an unusual event occurs. For instance, conspicuously long stays in a room,  e.g. the bathroom, are registered. The solo person is asked to confirm that he or she has no problem. If there is no confirmation in a set amount of time, a message is automatically sent to the named carer.

A help call can also be triggered verbally in case of a problem.


Why an Offline Assistant for senior-focused living is a good choice


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Monitoring and voice functions


Monitoring is supported by presence detectors that provide information on the duration of stay and absence in a room. As soon as an unusual situation is detected, the system sends a message to the telephone of the named carer.


Monitoring functions are offered:

  • Abnormal inactivity: when a programmed threshold time is exceeded
  • Late rising time: if the person does not wake up before a nominated time
  • Longer stay in the bathroom: longer than a specified duration
  • Unusual time to leave the apartment
  • Unusual time to come home
  • Long absence: when the duration is longer than a specified time


A sample of available voice functions:

  • Voice control of all functions for lights, shutters, scenes, and optionally, also media devices
  • Calls for help to nominated telephone numbers
  • Voice announcements from outside the home to the resident
  • Automated voice announcements to ask the resident to acknowledge a recognized problem situation
  • Voice announcements to act as a doorbell amplification

The classic help call can be triggered with the words “I need help”.  In this case a message is sent to the telephone of a nominated carer, to which he or she can then respond. The answer is again spoken over the loudspeaker of Aragon.

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