Smart Family Living

Smart Family Living

We protect your privacy!

With our latest product, realKNX Air and Snips, no one will hear your voice but you. It means that nothing you will say will end up in the internet. The system runs directly on-device, without need for cloud services.

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Help system for senior and disabled people

realKNX can make intuitive help calls for senior and disabled people. If a problem arises, the person just has to say help and the vocal assistant will send out a notification to the phone of a nominated individual.

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realKNX can monitor the daily routines of people living alone.

Many people wish to live independently for the utmost time in their familiar home environment. However, living alone at home can be unsafe for seniors.

With this in mind, the KNX installation enables recognition of motion and presence detection of seniors or disabled people.

realKNX can evaluate the daily movement patterns, and therefore detect unusual patterns.

If the system detects a unusual movement pattern, the senior or disabled person is prompted with a voice message. If the person does not acknowledge the prompt, realKNX will automatically send a help request to a nominated person, be they a family member or heath-care worker.