SMS: ‘Did you forget…’

SMS: ‘Forgot to turn the lights off? Switch off?’


It is very simple to instruct realKNX to do smart things. For instance, imagine you are away from home and cannot remember if the lights have been left on. You can easily send a message from your cellphone to make sure that the lights are OFF when nobody is home. The message includes a link that turns off all lights. Alternatively, with your phone, you can open a secure connection to your realKNX web page where you can control lights, heating, shutters, and more.  Also, think of when you are on your way home and it is dark outside. Just send a message to realKNX and the lights will turn on as you arrive home.


When you choose realKNX Smart Home system, you will own a truly Smart Home controller.  As a result, the possibilities with realKNX are virtually unlimited.

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