Swiss army knife.

Your all-in-one Smart Home server

You can make Snips, Alexa, Siri and Google Home work together.
No need to choose only one brand.
Mix and match as you prefer – realKNX makes everything work together!

Snips & realKNX Air
'No one will ever hear your voice but you' realKNX Air with Snips brings the next generation of voice recognition. It runs directly on-device, meaning no one will ever hear your voice but you.
Automation the easy way with Node-RED - no programming skills required, see more.
Augmented Reality
Control your KNX installation from mobile phone camera!
Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Echo smart speakers.
Say Alexa, turn on Living room or Alexa, turn off Home.
Smart Charts
Data logging with graphical presentation. It is truly Plug & Play, no configuration it just works.
The HTML Dashboard is automatically generated but is highly customizable too, see example.
SONOS is integrated in the KNX installation so you turn on/off speakers when you leave/come home.
Voice control Apple Siri and Apple iOS phones and soon Apple HomePod.
Say: What is the pool temperature Answer: The pool temperature is 23.5 ° Celsius.
You can use the scheduler to preset when • the heating mode should changes comfort/night
• to activate scenes
• to on/off lights and shutters.
Remote Connect
Secure remote connection to your Smart Home server from 'anywhere'. Simple login, no software installation.
Google Home
Voice control with Google Home smart home speakers. Say Turn on Kitchen or Turn off Bedroom.

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