The Techy Stuff v2

The Techy Stuff

Aragon is compatible with all KNX IP Gateways.

The Gateways can be divided into two groups:


The Plug-and-Play, all-Automatic group :

Jung SVS, Eisbaer, RTI/proServ and proServ. If you have one of these gateways, the installation is extremely simple : Plug-and-Play.


We’re committed to adding more Gateways to the Plug-and-play, all-Automatic group of Gateways.  For more information please email us at


The all-Compatible group:

Aragon talks to any KNX Gateway. It only requires a simple manual configuration.



Aragon can be either flush mounted or surface mounted.

Aragon flush mounted
Aragon surface-mounted
(Surface-mount box is an accessory, not included in standard package)