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We’re home!

Home automation has been developed to simplify our daily lives. Consequently, with a home automation system you can enjoy an increased comfort level, and will save a large amount of energy. Until recently, device control was limited to light switches, or to apps and tablets. However, this is not the most optimal solution for every situation in the home environment. Voice Control offers a superior, and far more convenient solution.


Aragon is here to simplify Home Automation in a safe and reliable manner. Voice Control is the most natural way to interact with a Smart Home.  Particularly, the advantage that Aragon has over other home automation systems is that you do not have to give up your Privacy.  Above all, Aragon is Private-by-Design.


Your home obeys your voice and the assistant helps you handle your everyday tasks. Most importantly, it keeps your hands (virus) free.

Automation the easy way with Node-RED - no programming skills required.

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You come home from holidays. Usually, you need to take time to walk around the whole house, turning on the lights and opening the shutters. Instead, you can simply talk to Aragon. Just say, “Hey Snips, I’m home.” The lights will turn on and the shutters will open automatically, saving you a job.


You are in bed and realize that you have forgotten to turn off the lights in the living room. Instead of having to summon the energy to get up again, you can simply say, “Hey Snips, turn off the lights in the living room” from the comfort of your bed.